New York Fast Pitch League Rules

The New York Fast Pitch League uses the official rules of The Amateur Softball Association of America. The rules below amend or clarify the official ASA rules:

A. Runners cannot leave the base until the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand. A player can be picked off by a force-out throw beating him/her back to the base; a tag out is not necessary.

B. We have bunting in our league. A foul ball bunt with two strikes results in a strikeout. If the batter "squares" to bunt or in any way indicates a clear intent to bunt, the batter must bunt or pull the bat back and let the pitch go through. If a batter indicates a bunt and then pulls the bat back and hits away, the batter is out and the hit ball becomes dead. If, in the full discretion of the umpire, the batter flagrantly disregarded this rule and created a dangerous situation, the batter will be ejected from the game.

C. No Stealing in our league.

D. You may advance a base on a fly ball out, even in foul ground.

E. We are strictly a modified fast pitch softball league. Any pitching that does not conform to our definition of modified fast pitching will be considered "illegal". Violations of the modified fast pitching rules will be subject to the following penalties: (1) If an umpire declares a pitch to be illegal, the pitch will be called a ball and any runners on base will advance one base. (2) A second illegal pitch thrown by the same pitcher in the same game will result in that pitcher being removed from that game as a pitcher. (That player may remain in the game in another position.) (3) Two removals from games as a result of throwing illegal pitches will result in a lifetime ban from pitching in the New York Fast Pitch League. You can find our pitching rules here.

F. Designated Hitter (DH): A DH must be announced prior to the start of the game. He cannot play the field and can hit for any position player. The DH cannot be alternated with another position. One DH per team maximum.

G. Extra Hitter(s) (EH): Each team is allowed up to three EH’s, but only if stated at the beginning of the game. An EH can be alternated with any player on the field. An EH remains at his original spot in the batting order, regardless if he enters a field position. The EH does NOT have to be at the field for the start of the game. However, as with any other batter, if the EH is not at the field when his turn at bat comes up, it is an automatic out.

H. A team may start a game with eight players. Until the ninth player arrives the ninth spot in the lineup counts as an out. You may add the ninth and tenth players as they arrive, at any time.

I. Courtesy Runner: The last offensive player to make an out as the result of an at-bat is allowed to pinch run. Players needing courtesy runners should tell the umpire prior to the game. Courtesy runners due to injury can be used at any time.

J. Games are ended because of darkness at the discretion of the head umpire. We will finish out an inning unless the home team is ahead. Official game: four complete innings.

K. The following rule addresses the responsibility of baserunners and fielders when there are plays at bases. At first base, the runner must use the runner's base unless he is making a turn for second; the fielder cannot block the base path, the runner’s base, nor use the runner’s base to make a play. At second and third base, the runner must slide if there is a play. At home plate, the fielder cannot block the base path nor block the plate. A runner cannot under any circumstances run into a fielder. A runner can be ejected, at the discretion of the umpires, for intentionally running into a fielder. Clarification: If a runner rounds or overruns a base, he is not obligated to slide back into the base. Further, if a fielder, for example the catcher, moves between the bases (and in the base path) to catch the ball, the runner is certainly not obligated to slide and can attempt to run around the fielder.

L. Fighting: Zero tolerance for fighting. Anyone involved in a fight will be banned for the season.

M. Forfeits: The 5:30 game forfeit time is 5:45. The 6:00 game forfeit time is 6:15. The 7:00 game forfeit time is 7:05. Two forfeits warrant a team suspension.

N. Team Rosters: Complete rosters with names and work phone numbers are due by June 1st. The rosters are to be sent to Mike Mena. Although you may add players throughout the season, a player must be on the roster submitted by June 1st and play at least five games in order to qualify for the playoffs.

O. Mercy Rule: The official game is over if one team is ahead by 15 runs at any time after four innings. Teams may agree to play out the remainder of the game, but the official result will be, "win by mercy rule."

P. Home Team is responsible for bringing bases (including a runner’s bag), cones, and one new clincher ball to the game. If the home team does not bring bases to the game, the game will not be played and the home team will be considered to have forfeit to the visiting team. Visiting team is responsible for bringing one new clincher ball to the game. The Commissioner will issue game balls before the season begins.

Q. Protests must be made to the plate umpire before the next pitch is thrown. The plate umpire will notify the other manager of the protest at that time. For the protest to be official, a written protest must be made to Mike Mena within 48 hours.

R. Team Uniforms: All teams must wear team uniforms. Team uniforms must be a softball jersey. Uniforms must be worn at all times while at the field. Just wearing a uniform while on the field is not sufficient. An old version of the team uniform will not qualify unless it is essentially the same. (i.e., same color and pattern.). After April 30th, each player that does not have a uniform will have one strike on him each time he comes to bat.

S. Phantom Tags: Phantom tags are prohibited at all times. A fielder can be ejected, at the discretion of the umpires, for a phantom tag or blocking a base when there is no play.

T. Ejection Rule: A player who is ejected from a game must leave the immediate vicinity of the playing field, for the duration of the game. On the Great Lawn, that area is defined as being behind the bordering snow fence, or on the paved walkway surrounding the fields. On any other field, it is a distance no less than 25 feet from home plate or the foul lines. A player who violates this rule will automatically receive a one game suspension.

U. Catcher’s Mask: Catchers MUST wear a hockey style catcher’s mask. If one team forgets to bring one, the other team should lend them theirs. Refusing to wear a hockey style catcher’s mask will result in a forfeit.

V. This is an amateur league. Under no circumstances can a player be compensated for playing.